Teacher Resources

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Use of 3's and
Parallel Structure

The Art of Writing Letters    
  Use of Patterns Read Like a Writer
Novels in Free Verse Writing Bingo Read Like a Writer
  Rabbit Poem
Mary Ann Hoberman
  Choice Writing Ideas Chart

A My Name is Alice

  Flap Book Directions

Open Mind Template

A My Name is Alice
Student Page
  Accordion Book Directions

Vocabulary/Writing in
A Visitor for Bear

Writing Alphabet Poems   Step Book Directions
BOOK-O Clues_2013 If I Were In Charge of the World Activity List of Alphabet Books  

Poof Book Directions

BOOK-O Grid_2013

Human Sentence Directions

Alphabet Book
Language Patterns
  Slit Book Directions
  Human Sentence Cards 1

My House in Morning Prepare Page

  Stick-Elastic Book
Comedy, Catastrophe, Comeuppance
Human Sentence Cards 2
My House in Morning Template
Readers Theater Resources
Envelope Book
Comparison Contrast Frame
as a pdf

Human Sentence Cards 3

Poetry Books for
Reading, Writing, and Teaching
Jack Be Nimble
Person/Character Book
Comparison Contrast Frame
  in Word

If I Were Cards and
Pattern Page

Acrostic Poems
Listen to the Rain
Magic Book Directions
Launching Sequence for Reading Comprehension
Personification and
the I am Poem
More About
Acrostic Poems
Little Red Ridinghood
Name Design Examples
Morpheme Squares
I Am Poem Student Page
Analogy Practice
Which Shoes Do You Choose?
Picture Books for All
January Program_2012
Informational Writing
Analogies Card Game
Polka Dot Pajamas
Coupons - 6 large
Problem and Solution
Example Books
for Writer's Craft
Character Profile I
Hey, Little Ant
Coupons - 10 small
Word Play Books
Elephant from
Creature Features
Character Profile II
The Two Mice
Appointment Clock
Boys' Humor and Language
Character Profile III
Listen to the Rain
Season Clock
"Read with a Friend" Activity
Jazz Up That Title!
Language Thoughts
Old and New
Five Secrets to Good Writing by Avi
Descriptive Words for Characters
Letters for
Shared/Guided Reading
Comic Strip Template
Character Report Card
BrainCompatible Strategies-Tate
Six Steps to Vocabulary Instruction
"Catch a Falling Star" Prewrite
Character Trait Chart
Metacognition Poster
Three, Three, Three
Character Relationships Web
Book Projects
Character Behaviors List

Poetry Ping Pong
Poetry Ideas I

Photo Album Student Page