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TCF Governance

IAB Europe is the European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem. Through its membership of national IABs and media, technology and marketing companies, its mission is to lead political representation and promote industry collaboration to deliver frameworks, standards and industry programmes that enable business to thrive in the European market

TCF Governance

TCF Governance founding principles are upheld by the following:

The TCF Governance Board is responsible for holding all TCF instances to account and ensuring that the correct process (s) was followed by the TCF Steering Group and the Managing Organisation (IAB Europe) in the development of outcomes that align with the strategic objectives. The TCF Governance Board has 15 seats, nominated from Steering Group membership, and up to 8 observer seats occupied by National IABs and EU industry organisations. The TCF Governance Board meets 4 times per year. Members of the Board are listed here. TCF Governance papers are listed here.

The TCF Steering Group was created as an decision-making body, holding IAB Europe as the managing organisation (MO) of the TCF, to account for the delivery of policies that will adhere to GDPR requirements. Chair: Thomas Mendrina (Microsoft) and Vice-Chairs: Benoit Oberlé (Sirdata) and Tom Peruzzi (Virtual Minds).

The TCF Steering Group currently includes the following working groups (WG): 

  • TCF Policy Working Group – mandated to write and revise the TCF Policy. Chair: Christoph Zippel (RTL Group). Vice-chair: Jan Winkler  (Consentmanager AB).
  • TCF DPA Outreach Working Group – mandated to raise awareness and understanding of the TCF to Data Protection Authorities across Europe and in the UK. Chair: Thomas Adhumeau (Didomi). Vice-chair: Giulia Sala (IAB Italy).  
  • TCF Framework Signals Working Group – mandated to help registered CMPs and Vendors comply with the TCF Policy and the TCF Technical specifications. Chair: Julien Delhommeau (Utiq). 

If you would like to join the TCF Steering Group, please contact Colombe Michaud at

IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab collaborate on the TCF on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). IAB Tech Lab is tasked with the maintenance and iteration of the technical specifications that underpin the TCF, with the support of the Global Privacy Platform Working Group.

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